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Our enthusiastic team of Speech therapists offer a broad range of specialist skills, including early intervention, school based therapy and the treatment of Autism Spectrum Condition.

In addition, the clinicians are able to draw on experience gained in formal research, professional work undertaken overseas and in numerous community settings. Many clinicians also have valuable experience as parents.

All Clinicians are members of Speech Pathology Australia and are enrolled in the Professional Self Regulation Program.

Melvin Speech Pathology is a well resourced and family friendly clinic where all clinicians are passionate about helping children.

The Team

  • Mardi MelvinMardi L Melvin has over 30 years experience working with children and their families, including 9 years at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, where she worked on assessment teams in both the Department of Psychiatry and at the Uncle Bob's Developmental Assessment Centre. She was also involved with the clinical teaching of undergraduate Speech Pathologists and nursing staff.

    She established Melvin Speech Pathology more than 25 years ago and has developed strong working links with local specialists, Early Intervention Teams, schools and kindergartens.

    Her special interests include the assessment and treatment of pre-school children with speech and language difficulties and the assessment of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Mardi also runs the Hanen "More than Words" program at the clinic in Camberwell. This parent training program has been designed to help parents interact with their children during daily activities and to facilitate play and language development. She is also Hanen Certified to teach the "It Takes Two to Talk" and "Talkability" programs. Her own parenting experiences are a valuable addition to understanding and supporting parents in these programs.

    After 30 years she remains passionate about her chosen profession and enjoys the privilege of being involved with clients and their families.

  • Jessie LimJessie Lim is a clinical supervisor and assists with clinical training of colleagues, including professional development within the clinic. She trained at La Trobe University in Melbourne, where she completed a Bachelor’s degree of Health Science and a Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology.

    She conducts assessment and therapy for a wide range of speech, language, literacy and social communication difficulties. Alongside individual therapy, Jessie runs paired and groups therapy session targeting social skills, school readiness and language.

    She takes a holistic approach and develops sessions that are creative, engaging and child-centred. Jessie has experience working in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. She has a strong interest in literacy, speech and language delays/disorders for children in pre to high school as well as children and students with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and intellectual disability.

    Jessie has continued her professional development in areas of language development, social communication and literacy including participating in BLADES therapy training for language and pragmatics, as well as the Superflex® program, a social thinking program for school aged children.

  • Monique McCarthyMonique McCarthy assesses and treats a range of children’s speech, language and communication difficulties.

    She graduated as a Speech Pathologist from La Trobe University. Prior to working at this Clinic, Monique worked in the public school sector assisting primary school aged children with a range of communication difficulties, including delays in speech and language development and children with specific language disorders.

    Monique is trained in the assessment and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is also trained in the Lidcombe Program, an internationally recognised, Australian-designed program for children who stutter.

    She has a passion for helping children and works with them both individually and in groups, eg social skills and school readiness groups. She is particularly interested in the areas of sound development, early language and social communication. Monique is also involved in coordinating our preschool screening program.

  • Jenna HaJenna graduated from The University of Sydney with a Master of Speech Language Pathology after completing her Master of Public Health and Bachelor of Science (Human Physiology) at The University of Melbourne.

    Prior to joining the team at this Clinic, Jenna worked in the private sector helping children with speech, language, social communication, fluency, and literacy difficulties. She is an enthusiastic speech pathologist who readily engages children, and has fun with them as they learn. She is dedicated to providing evidence based interventions to ensure that therapy is effective as well as fun. She works closely with children and their families, and enjoys supporting and encouraging families with their child’s communication development.

    Jenna’s interests are in the areas of stuttering, speech sound and language development, and social communication. Her special interests include working with children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Jenna is fluent in Korean.

  • Camelle KallyCamelle Kally graduated as a Speech Pathologist from the University of Melbourne. She provides engaging and interactive assessment and therapy sessions for children with a range of speech, language and social communication difficulties.

    Before working at this Clinic, she worked in the private sector and school setting providing individual and group assessment and intervention sessions in areas including, phonological awareness, speech sounds, early communication development, language and social communication. She was also involved in the planning and implementation of groups such as social skills groups and social thinking groups for primary school-aged children, in the private sector.

    She enjoys working collaboratively with families to ensure functional and participation-enhancing goals and strategies. Her special interests include speech, language, social communication and early communication skills.

  • Natalia EhrlichNatalia Ehrlich graduated as a Speech Pathologist from The University of Sydney. Prior to working at Melvin Speech Pathology, Natalia worked with children in the primary school sector. She was a Key Worker, visiting family homes and working with children from 2 to 5 years of age. Natalia also worked as a speech pathologist in London (UK) for 8 years. She worked in primary schools, community clinics, and at a Specialist Language Unit for children 3-4 years of age.

    Natalia has extensive experience running group therapy sessions for pre-school children, primary school age children and adolescents. She has a passion for supporting children in the areas of early language development, social communication and sound development. Being a parent of two young children also helps engage clients in the therapeutic process.

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