Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups are offered each term at Melvin Speech Pathology.  We run the following programs at the clinic:

  • Talkabout
  • Interaction Skills®

A significant link exists between children who experience language, learning and/or behavioural problems and poor social communication skills.

Poor social skills can affect an individual’s ability to function within their family, with their peers, at school and in the wider community. It can also impact on friendships, self-esteem and in work situations in later life.

Programs are designed for children aged 4-12 years of age who exhibit one or more of the following features:

  • Poor listening skills
  • Difficulties with sharing and turn taking in play
  • Difficulties with recognising emotions
  • Problems making and keeping friends
  • Problems negotiating and compromising with others
  • Poor grasp of conversational skills
  • Problems related to social interaction at home and at school
  • Difficulties resolving social conflicts

Children are assessed prior to the program commencing to determine their individual social learning needs. They are then placed in a group that is appropriate to their age and skill levels. Groups are usually run with 4-6 participants.

Social Skills Programs include the following structured activities designed to facilitate social skills for children:

  • Conversation practice
  • Role playing
  • Social games

Our fully qualified speech pathologists run all programs.

While children are enjoying the group, parents have the opportunity to meet over coffee.

At the end of each weekly program there is a 15 minute feedback session for parents while children are supervised in play. During weeks 7 and 8 of the program, individual parent feedback is conducted, much like a parent teacher interview, to discuss strengths and weaknesses and to discuss a management plan for each child.

At the completion of the program, a written report is provided, including individual recommendations.

Children with Autism Condition or Aspergers Syndrome have difficulties with verbal and non-verbal social communication skills as a feature of the condition. The programs are well suited to the needs of these children.

Social Skills Programs are run during the school term. For information on commencement dates or to book an assessment for your child, please call the clinic on 9889 9010.

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