Hearelief: Hearing and tinnitus management operates from Melvin Speech Pathology. Hearelief has been established and is run by qualified audiologist Susan Tegg-Quinn B.Nurs., M.Clin.Aud., M.Aud.SA(cc) who has over 12 years of experience in the industry. Hearelief is a full service independent and caring audiology practice.

At Hearelief we are dedicated to providing the highest quality comprehensive hearing assessments and individualised rehabilitation programs for all of our clients at all stages of life. We use the latest equipment with a very large sound proof booth to provide comprehensive hearing assessments for both adults and children from 9 months of age. We take time to listen to your needs and concerns and discuss your results and their implications with you before developing your rehabilitation or management plan.

Infant's Services

Our infants’ services include developmentally-appropriate hearing tests from 9 months of age.

Children's Services

Our children’s services include age and developmentally-appropriate hearing tests, central auditory processing testing and rehabilitation programs.

Kindergarten and pre-school screening assessments can be arranged.

We also offer specialist children’s tinnitus (perception of noises in the ears or head not associated with an external noise), hyperacusis (unusual loudness perception) and misophonia (intolerance of specific sounds) assessments and rehabilitation.

Adult Services

Our adult services start with comprehensive hearing tests and the development of individually tailored rehabilitation programs.

As an independent audiology practice Hearelief provides independent advice on the suitability of a wide range of the latest hearing aid technologies from all manufactures. We provide expert hearing aid fitting and fine tuning specific to your hearing loss and listening needs.

Hearelief specialises in providing comprehensive tinnitus, hyperacusis, misophonia and acoustic shock assessment and management programs. We develop individually tailored and monitored sound intolerance programs to help you reduce your tinnitus awareness and distress or to reduce the impact of hyperacusis, misophonia or an acoustic shock injury. 

We also offer adult central auditory processing testing.

Custom made swimming and noise protection ear plugs are available for all age groups.


Our personalised services and programs are tailored to you, we understand the importance of hearing for a rich and meaningful life. We take time to ensure positive outcomes and provide ongoing support and service to all our clients.

For all enquiries and new appointments please contact Susan on 0407 895 527





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