This Hanen Program has been designed for parents of verbal children on the Autism Spectrum, including children with Asperger Syndrome, aged 3 – 7 years.

The TalkAbility program teaches parents how to help their child learn social communication skills.

Who Does TalkAbility Help?

  • Children who find it difficult to hold a conversation with others.
  • Children who have difficulty playing with children their own age.
  • Children who have difficulty talking about things that interest someone else.

What Parents will Learn in this Program

  • Parents will learn practical strategies that can be easily used in everyday situations to:
  • Help their child develop back and forth conversation.
  • Encourage their child to pay attention to the social messages people send with facial expressions and gestures.
  • Help their child develop language to talk about their feelings and other people’s feelings.
  • Help their child make friends.


The clinic regularly runs information sessions about this program for interested parents.  These sessions are free and provide an excellent opportunity to hear about the course, meet the clinicians and ask questions.  Please call the clinic on 9889 9010 for dates and times of the next session.

For additional information about the program visit the Hanen website.

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