Melvin Speech Pathology

1990 to 2020 Celebrating 30 years helping children

In 2020 the Clinic is celebrating a major milestone Melvin Speech Pathology has now been assessing and treating children for 30 years.

Following a career at the Royal Children's Hospital, Mardi opened her first private practice in 1990, in rooms she rented in a Glen Iris kindergarten The practice quickly grew and she moved to a local hospital in Ashwood, then a medical suite in Ashburton It was here she employed her first speech pathologist to assist with the growing caseload.

The next move was in 2003 when Mardi opened her first stand-alone Clinic in Toorak Road, Camberwell The new Clinic had 5 clinical rooms and the additional space provided the opportunity to not only employ additional speech pathologists, but also offer a range of allied health services

Over the next 10 years demand continued to grow and in 2013 the decision was made to relocate to the current Clinic For those of you who know the area well, you may recall the building was originally a Blockbuster Video store When we took possession of the site we gutted the interior and redevelop the building as a purpose-built allied health clinic To our surprise, we continued to receive overdue videos and DVD's for a number of years after we moved in.

Since 2013, the Clinic has continued to expand, the number of clinicians has increased and the range of services has evolved and adapted to meet the needs of clients We now offer a comprehensive speech pathology service, with 5 full-time speech pathologists, plus psychology and audiology.

It has been a busy and rewarding 30 years and we look forward to supporting and assisting local families as we begin our fourth decade in private practice.







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